• What kind of wood is used in Prefabricated Wooden Houses?

    At CHPL we insist on using only Construction Grade Russian Pinewood and Canadian SPF (Spruce, Pine & Fir) for all our projects. Both these timbers are high-altitude pinewood, seasoned for 40-50 years in all seasons including snow and thereafter Kiln-Dried and dehydrated to create exceptional quality timber suitable for construction. The wood has exceptional appearance and is very durable in the sub-continent environment. Our expert designers will advise you which wood to use for hills, beaches and jungle construction.

  • What kind of foundation is required for Prefabricated wooden houses?

    Wooden houses do not require expensive and complex foundations as compared to brick and mortar structures. The foundation can be as simple as a layer of Gravel or PCC Platform, as long as the surface is perfectly level. One can also consider the use of Paving/Concrete Blocks or even Bricks for foundations of wooden houses. In certain cases, an elevated foundation on concrete or wooden stilts may also be used.

  • Are the layouts and designs of Prefabricated Wooden Houses customizable?

    Most standard designs and elevations can be customized to suit the client’s requirements subject to structural strength as advised by our design team. You are free to play around with the layouts and model a unit of your dreams!

  • Do I need to get Building Approval to construct a Prefabricated Wooden House?

    Prefabricated Wooden Houses do not use cement, mortar or concrete. They fall under “Temporary Housing” category under the regulations of most Townships and Panchayats. However, we advise you to check your local municipal guidelines and bye laws before commencing construction.

  • Are Prefabricated Wooden Houses water proof?

    Both Russian Pinewood and Canadian SPF, are completely waterproof construction grade timbers. In addition to this our assemblers will advise our indigenous nano-technology based waterproofing solutions. The roof of all our projects is designed in such a way that they are 100% leak proof.

  • Are Prefabricated Wooden Houses fire proof?

    Like any other construction materials, Prefabricated Wooden Houses are NOT fire proof. However, they are more fire retardant than most forms of construction materials.

  • What is the longevity of Prefabricated Wooden Houses?

    The longevity of a prefab wooden houses mainly depends on the terrain and maintenance. If a Prefabricated Wooden House is maintained well, it can last for 100 years or more. Most wooden houses standing on the English countryside are more than 200-300 years.

  • What is the wall thickness used in Prefabricated Wooden Houses?

    Unlike brick and mortar constructions, where 10% of the floor space is wasted in partition and exterior walls due to large thickness of brick and stone walls, in wooden construction the wall thicknesses are much less. The construction grade timber comes in four types of  wall thicknesses-

      a.  36 mm

      b.  48 mm

      c.  70 mm

      d.  110 mm

    Usually, 36 mm and 48 mm are recommended for small single-storeyed units, whereas 70 mm and 110 mm are used in complex structures and multi-storeyed structures.

  • What will my Prefabricated Wooden Housing Kit include?

    Standard Prefab Wooden Housing Kits include the following:

    1. Weather treated and Termite resistant Base Frame

    2. External and Internal Wooden Walls

    3. Doors and Windows

    4. Solid Wooden Flooring

    5. Roof Beams

    6. Roof Boards

    7. Waterproofing Sheet

    8. Double Layered Asphalt Shingles

    9. Basic Hardware including door locks, hinges, window locks etc.

  • How long will it take to deliver my Prefab Wooden Housing Kit?

    Once the design has been frozen and the order released, it usually takes 45-60 days for us to deliver the kit.The delivery period is effected by factors inlcuding delivery place, distance from port, availability of transport etc.

  • Who will assemble my Prefabricated Wooden House?

    While our clients are free to engage anyone to assemble/erect our Prefab Wooden Houses, we highly recommend engaging our experienced and trained Authorised Service Partners and Assemblers.

  • Can my Prefabricated Wooden House be moved to another location?

    Yes, you can easily dismantle and move a prefabricated wooden house to another location. Please contact our Authorised Service Partners for further information in this regard.